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Voice Disorders

We Treat Voice and Vocal Disorders:

Voice Problems differ from speech and language concerns in that they affect pitch, loudness or the quality of your voice. They can occur at any age. Most often, they are associated with strenuous use of the vocal cords but can happen for other reasons. Children often abuse their voice during play and sports.

Frequently, individuals with Parkinson’s disease present with many changes in their speech and voice. We are certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Techniques ( specifically developed to help individuals suffering from voice changes due to Parkinson’s or other neurological disorders.

Our team is specialized in providing treatment to the individual and training to the caregivers to maximize the rehabilitation potential. Whether you need a one time-consultation for evaluation and education or ongoing treatment sessions, we provide the very best of care utilizing the latest techniques.

Learn to speak better with Parkinson’s disease

People with Parkinson’s disease often have difficulty  communicating clearly. They are unable to speak in a loud voice and they speak quickly for no fault of their own.
Speaking in a low voice and with” fast rushes of speech” are two of the hallmarks relating to the speaking problems that people experience when they have Parkinson’s disease. The result is unclear and often, barely audible, speech.
If you are one of the one million individuals in the United States with Parkinson’s disease and you are experiencing speech problems that make it difficult for others to understand what you are saying then contact Speech Associates of NY to have one of our specialized Speech-Language Pathologists work with you to develop a loud, strong and clear speaking voice. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained and certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Technique (LSVT) which is a program designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s disease to help them speak in a loud and clear voice. Our speech therapists will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your speech changes as a result of Parkinson’s disease.

What voice and swallowing problems can be expected after head and neck cancer?
People with head and neck cancer, such as laryngeal cancer or oral cancer, often experience difficulty with voice, speech and swallowing. At Speech Associates of NY we provide diagnostic evaluation and intervention designed to help individuals develop effective communication and swallowing skills. Our interventions are designed to:

1.    Train strategies for improved speech after surgery (such as oral cancer surgery)
2.    To improve vocal ability (such as after head and neck cancer)
3.    To improve swallowing safety and efficiency .
Swallowing Therapy may include:
•    muscle exercises
•    compensatory strategies
•    head postures ( e.g., chin tucks or turning the head to one side may help for a safe swallow)
•    designing a safe diet
•    safe swallow techniques

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